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Brow Products for Beauty Professionals

Billion Dollar Brows strives to create cruelty-free brow products that you and your clients can use to achieve the brows of their dreams. We use the three C’s of brows when creating our professional beauty products, brow pencils, and tools, so you can effortlessly create, color, and control your clients’ brows.

When you’re looking for professional cosmetics for your salon or kit, you’ll find them here at Billion Dollar Brows. We have a passion for eyebrows and pass that on to our customers with the best products. You’ll also find tutorials and exclusive information curated for beauty professionals like you.

Brow Pencils Formulated for Estheticians and MUA

Some of our current bestsellers include our universal, cruelty-free eyebrow pencil and the microblading brow pen. From wedding days to runways, these pencils will help you create looks that make a statement.

The Universal Brow Pencil features a butter-smooth pomade formula in a shade that will match nearly all of your clients’ skin tones and hair colors. Build up the color to the desired shade, and use the spoolie end to blend out the product and tame the hairs.

The Microblade Effect: Brow Pen is waterproof and allows you to achieve thick, full brows for clients who want microbladed brows without the risk! Simply create short, hair-like strokes to fill in the brows.

Browse our entire collection of eyebrow pencils to complete your kit!

vegan universal brow pencil

Products for All of Your Clients’ Needs

Use Billion Dollar Brows’ products to create perfectly put together looks for each of your clients or to help your customers achieve their brow goals.

Worried about how you’re going to match a shade to your clients’ skin tone and hair color? Our blendable shades are easy to color match. We also have easy-to-use makeup testers that your clients and customers can try out before they commit.

High-Quality Tools

With tools like the Brow Buddy, the Men’s Grooming Kit, and professional Brow Brushes, you’ll always have what you need to create bold brow looks.

Billion Dollar Brows knows what quality looks like, and that’s why all of our high-quality makeup brushes are made from charcoal-infused, synthetic materials. Apply, blend, and create using our brow products and brushes!

beauty professional using a brow shaper on a client
brow makeup products

Become a Billion Dollar Brow Retailer

Offer Billion Dollar Brows in your salon or storefront! You can use our professional makeup displays to show off everything you have in stock for your clients and customers.

Give all of your clients the royal treatment with brow products and tools from Billion Dollar Brows. Brows are our passion, and we want to help beauty professionals like you with your clients’ brow needs. We’ve spent time finding the best shades, formulas, and tools to give your clients a look they’ll love.