5 Must-Have Eyebrow Products for Professionals

5 Must-Have Eyebrow Products for Professionals

Apr 3rd 2020

As a beauty pro, you know just how important brows are for finishing a look and making features stand out. Don’t settle for subpar products—this list features the best brow products on the market, with easy-to-use, premium-quality formulas and tools that are designed to last through countless applications.

The experts at Billion Dollar Brows are here to help you stock your kit with all of the eyebrow products you need to create stunning professional looks for your clients.

Grooming Tools to Create the Perfect Base

stainless steel tweezers

A great brow starts with the perfect base, so being a makeup artist and brow pro means you shape a lot of eyebrows. That’s why you need a pair of professional eyebrow tweezers that allow you to create those shapes and tweeze stray hairs quickly and precisely. Don’t settle for tools that don’t handle the way you need them to!

Our tweezers are stainless steel with a slant tip, ensuring that you can grab any stray hairs and remove them quickly and painlessly—which is a big deal when you’re doing someone else’s brows. And, if you’re interested in a quick way to help you determine the best brow shapes for your clients before you tweeze, consider investing in a brow shaper that uses each client’s facial symmetries to craft their ideal eyebrow shape.

An Eyebrow Pencil for Precise Application

vegan universal brow pencil

You already know that not all eyebrow pencils are created equal. With vast differences in shape, application style, and staying power, it can be hard to tell which is the right pencil for you, your clients, and the looks you are trying to create. One absolute must-have for your tool-kit? A universal, cruelty-free eyebrow pencil that fits the skin tone and hair color of almost every client.

Our universal eyebrow pencil is one of our bestselling items, and for good reason. It is foolproof, easy to use, blends beautifully, and means you don’t have to carry a dozen different eyebrow pencils in your kit every time you do a job. With its built-in spoolie brush, it's one of the best eyebrow products you’ll find anywhere.

A Pen that Mimics the Microblade Look

microblading brow pen

Microblading is one of the biggest brow trends, but it can be a time-consuming look to replicate for your busier clients. That’s why one of the hottest eyebrow products on the market right now is a microblading brow pen that recreates that precise microblading look with ease.

A good microblading pen will mimic the short, delicate hairs of the eyebrow to create fuller brows for a bold, yet still natural, appearance. It can be used to fill in the entire brow or to thicken certain areas. Plus, the waterproof formula means it will last through just about anything for serious all-day and all-night staying power.

Brow Gels for Control

the best clear brow gel for professionals

While brow pens and pencils are fantastic for all sorts of brow looks, no list of our most beloved eyebrow products would be complete without a great brow gel. What do we adore about brow gels for professional use? They allow buildable coverage, so you can create a wide range of brow looks, from natural and subtle to bold and full.

We recommend that any makeup artist keep both a tinted brow gel and a clear brow gel in their kits for maximum versatility. A tinted gel offers that buildable and blendable color, while the clear brow gel is ideal for natural looks and for using on top of other products to add extra control.

Men’s Eyebrow Products

man using a grooming kit

Let’s not leave the guys out! If you’re styling fashion shoots or working with clients on headshots, you’ll want to make sure you have the right tools to give your male clients the well-groomed, natural-looking brows they deserve. With a men’s grooming kit, you’ll have the chance to offer him eyebrow products made with his needs in mind.

BDB’s men’s kit includes a stainless steel comb-tweezer combo that can be used for both brows and facial hair maintenance. It also includes straight edge scissors to make trimming a breeze. He’ll love that you’ve got everything on hand to give him bold, manly brows!

All of Your Must-Haves in One Place

BDB business in a bag makeup artist kit

Make it easy on yourself and stock up on all of the eyebrow products you need in one useful kit! Our makeup artist kit includes all of the products on this list—and then some—so you’ll always be prepared to give your clients the brows they desire. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this kit, which includes pencils, powders, gels, and pomades in multiple shades for every hair color and skin tone, along with expert-level tools for easy grooming. All of our products are vegan and cruelty-free, so you can be sure you’re using professional-grade cosmetics and tools that are also made with kindness.

Partner with Billion Dollar Brows

If you’re a beauty industry professional, we invite you to join our BDB pro network and retail BDB products to your clients. Benefits include amazing wholesale prices, online training sessions, and the opportunity to reach your full potential! By offering our top-of-the-line professional brow products to your customers, you’ll empower them to recreate their favorite looks at home while boosting your own bottom line. Find out how to get started today!