Product Features Professional Makeup Artists Should Look For

Product Features Professional Makeup Artists Should Look For

Jun 3rd 2020

If you’re a professional makeup artist, you know that the products you use need to be top class. Your stylings are about more than just making people look nice. Makeup inspires confidence and joy in everyday life. So you want to do it the right way, with the right tools. Billion Dollar Brows knows that this balance is critical. That’s why we offer professional makeup products that will do an amazing job, without breaking your budget.

The Top Features

When choosing products to use in your shop or salon, it can be difficult to distinguish the good products from the good looking products. We understand that these things aren’t always the same. We look carefully into the features of the cosmetics to determine the best brow products available. These key features include:

Brow duo pencil

Brow Duo Pencil ($18)


Cruelty-Free: Using cruelty-free products is simply the ethical thing to do. These products are carefully formulated for quality, but they are never tested on animals. Now no one, and nothing, has to suffer in order for beauty to be achieved! We are proud to offer this type of professional makeup products, like our brow powder kit and so many other items. To use this kit, apply the powder using the angled brush. Once you have achieved the desired shade, flip the pencil over and blend the product out using the spoolie brush.

waterproof eyebrow pencil

Brows on Point Micro Pencil ($16)


Precision: As an expert in this field, you know that precision is key. When you use tools and cosmetics that stay on point, you create clean and defined looks. This is especially true for brow products that are meant to provide a more natural finish. For example, try a microblading brow pen to carefully give clients that microblading look without the risk factor! Simply use short, hair-like strokes to achieve fuller brows.

Clear Brow Gel

Brow Gel ($16)


Universality: In this field, you work with clients with a variety of skin tones and hair colors. Therefore, it’s important that your kit includes universal professional makeup products, such as our Universal Brow Pencil. Of course, clear gels and eyebrow concealer pencils are also must-haves. These one-shade-fits-most cosmetics are ideal for everyone from blondes to those with raven-black hair, which means you’ll always be prepared to give your clients the best looks for them.

three synthetic face makeup brushes

Face Brush Trio ($34.99)


Hygienic: As you move from client to client, keeping your tools clean helps you to avoid cross-contamination. Now, you could accomplish this using various tool cleaners and wipes, but what about those moments when you’re working on an entire bridal party? We recommend that you invest in charcoal-infused cosmetic brushes because they offer natural antibacterial properties. Of course, you should still clean your brushes between every client, but these brushes offer added protection.

Simple, Yet Crucial

Billion Dollar Brows is here to make your life easier. With us, you can get high-quality, professional products at reasonable prices.

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