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Highlighter Fan Brush
Use the highlighter fan brush from the Billion Dollar Brows’ collection of high-quality makeup brushes to help give your clients a youthful glow.
Better Brow Benefits
A synthetic fan brush not only comes with the positive impact of being vegan and cruelty-free, but it also brings more to your makeup application. Since it’s infused with charcoal, you can feel good about using it on all of your clients. The reported antimicrobial properties make the brush easier to clean and can help it stay in shape longer.
Soft bristles that are fanned out, combined with your light expert touch, will allow you to apply highlighter right where you want it without any overage. Your clients will love the way this brush feels as you gently apply the perfect glow.
For Professionals
We’ve worked to develop the best brow products for all professionals. This highlighter fan brush is no exception, and you’ll love the thoughtful features we’ve included. With the soft handle and gold accents, the brush is easy to grip during application and will look great with the rest of your professional tools.
At Billion Dollar Brows, you’ll find cosmetics and tools designed for you as a professional. The highlighter fan brush is just one of the many ways you can expand your income and reach your full potential as a pro.


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