Flash & Filter: Highlighter & Concealer

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Flash and Filter
When you need to cover up problem areas while highlighting your clients’ best features, our cruelty-free Flash & Filter Highlighter & Concealer Pencil is the product for you! Use this duo eyebrow concealer and highlighter pencil to achieve the perfectly filtered look for your clients.

Conceal Imperfections
Our high-quality concealer works to conceal blemishes from your clients’ faces. While the concealer works great for blemishes, it’s also a great way to shape and define the brows after shaping and filling them in using our Universal Brow Pencil or other brow products. Use it in combination with our other professional beauty products to give your clients the best brow look.

Highlight the Best
You can use the highlighter to showcase the best parts of your clients’ faces. This duo concealer and eye highlighter pencil can help draw attention above the brows to make them pop and create more depth to the face when you apply this to the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose.

Are you loving the way our eyebrow concealer pencil works? Add our professional cosmetics to your kit today to start offering your clients the best of the best. You can even give them a chance to take their favorite BDB products home with them when you complete the online form and become one of our exclusive retailers.



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