Gold Infused Illuminator Tester

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Give your clients the gold service! We’ve set the standard with our Gold Infused Liquid Illuminator, and now you can give your clients a chance to try it with this tester. Help your clients create standout looks with this highlighter that’s infused with, you guessed!

For Bold Looks

When you use a gold infused illuminator, you’ll give your clients a natural and youthful glow. Moreover, it’s super hydrating, improving the overall health of their skin with each application. Apply small amounts to the cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow, and the bridge of the nose using our vegan Highlighter Brush. Alternatively, mix this product with your chosen foundation for a soft glow that appears to come from within.

Professional Beauty

This liquid illuminator, like our other cosmetics, is designed for professionals to use while working with clients. It’s made from professional ingredients and able to last no matter what your clients’ days bring. While it’s designed for professionals to use, you can also teach your clients how to expertly apply it. Offer them cosmetic testers to try out before purchasing to use at home.

You and your clients will all love the look of a gold infused illuminator. It does the job better than traditional highlighters and is able to help you create a look that’s 100% unique.

Love the natural appearance of gold-infused liquid illuminator, but want more for your clients? When you’re ready to boldly go where no MUA has gone, prepare for the journey with our professional beauty products!


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