Men's Grooming Kit Display (Empty)

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Men’s Facial Hair Grooming Kit Display (Empty)

Offer your loyal clients products you can be proud of. This BDB Pro package gives you a professional way to display and sell your Billion Dollar Brow Men’s Facial Hair Grooming Kits, while also allowing customers to view and handle a demo product. Products pictured sold separately.

Sell More With Visual Aids

Upsell added eyebrow or facial hair services to your clients by letting this display do the talking. Sharp graphics, easy set-up, and a space-saving design make these cosmetic displays for salons the perfect showcase piece for your men’s products.

Tips for Men’s Grooming

  • Use the stainless steel comb to brush up the brow hairs. Trim the hair tips that are above the brow line with straight edge brow scissors.
  • Use the professional eyebrow tweezers to pluck stray hairs between the eyebrows.
  • Finish up by combing the brows so that the hairs lay down in the right direction.
  • Brush the facial hair down with the steel comb, and trim it using the scissors or a clean appearance.


  • The display holds men's facial hair grooming kits for sale, as well as a demo product that customers can physically inspect while in your salon.
  • Each kit contains one stainless steel comb/tweezer and one pair of straight edge scissors.

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