Best Sellers Kit

Best Sellers Kit
Best Sellers Kit
Best Sellers Kit
Best Sellers Kit

Best Sellers Kit

Create, Color & Control eyebrows with these brow essentials.

Product Features: 

  • Includes essentials needed for beautiful brows from start to finish

  • Fill brows with our #1 best selling Universal Brow Pencil

  • Create definition with our Brow Duo Pencil: Concealer & Highlighter

  • Blend Brow Duo Pencil with our charcoal-infused Smudge Brush

  • Set brows in place with our flexible, flake-free Brow Gel 


How To Use: 

Universal Brow Pencil:

  1. To shape & fill brows, use small, brush-like strokes following brows' start, arch, and end.

  2. Blend with the spoolie brush for a natural finish.


Brow Duo Pencil and Smudge Brush:

  1. Use the Highlighter end under the eyebrow for an instant brow lift.

  2. Use the Concealer end above the eyebrow to create definition.

  3. Blend product into skin using the Smudge Brush.


Brow Gel:

  1. Brush gel through brows using the spoolie applicator wand.

  2. For more volume, use upward brush strokes to lift brow hairs & add fullness. 

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